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LCE Develops and offers electronic boards, embedded electronics and systems, both standard and customized. We also offer design services.


"Designed for Simplicity" is inspired by the Unix project among others, such that through a simple and efficient design, various level of applications can be built with minimal efforts, from simple to more complete projects with minimal efforts from user.

Electronic boards and accessories

Looking to equip your lab, or experiment with a new project ...
Our online electronic store provides boards and accessories as well we can design custom circuits .

Micro-controllers boards , Power supply boards, Relays, GPIO, Starter Kits and accessories available in our store.

Standard electronic boards integrate into complete modules (supply, MCU/CPU, I/O, ...) and can supply or be controlled by any I2C compliant device (Arduino, Beagleboard, ESP32, Raspberry, ...). The 4 way input/output allows assembly and wiring of complete units quickly.

Tips Supply multiple modules with only 1 power supply board 4 output ports 7V/2A.

Software and firmware

Source code for our modules MCU Hex flash programs are available under the open BSD-3 license - Compatible with commercial and open-source projects - which allows you to take advantage and modify to suit your needs without constraint to make your own sources and modifications distributed.

Documentation and source code

Our products include shematics, drawings, datasheet manual, firmware (flash) source code and demo examples, C/C++ and Arduino .ino files.

Integration and programming

Our modular electronic boards use and integrate standards to use any compatible tool (ICSP, IDE C, C++, etc ...). No proprietary hardware or code necessary. Integration with Arduino, Raspberry, Beagleboard, etc... only requires 3 wires for I2C (GND, SDA, SCL). Sources for examples are easily modifiable, documented and available on Github.

Special design

We also provide custom printed circuit board and electronic design according to your specifications for prototypes and series products. For more information or a quotation request, please get in contact at societe@chrysalide-engineering.com and contact number on top of page. More information available here.

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