MCU boardsocket DIP-28 microcontroler PIC16F886
2 clocks, GPIO peripherals, analog input, I2C serial com
Voltage rugulator

Easy to connect thanks to the FPC port.

This MCU module features

  • PIC16F886 micro-controller
  • 5 I/O ports
  • 7 test points
  • 2 supply sources

Direct interface with modular I/O boards (relays, GPIO, ...) or any external peripheral.

The FPC bus provides supply and I2C signals allowing to make a look with a
power supply, MCU/CPU and multiple boards on a single bus.


  • 14k Flash
  • 368 bytes data memory
  • 256 bytes EEPROM data memory

Clocks and peripherals

  • 8 MHz crystal clock (+/-20ppm)
  • 32768 Hz RTC crystal (+/-20ppm)
  • 5 analog inputs
  • 7 digital outputs
  • 1 ICSP programming port
  • 1 I2C serial com
  • 1 USART serial com
  • 2 FPC ports

Other peripherals

  • 14 sources interruption
  • 3 timers
  • 1 PWM output

Electrical specifications

  • Supply source jack 7...15V
  • Supply source by FPC bus 5V
  • 5V pins I/O
  • 25 mA port pins
  • 3.3V I2C level

Detailed informations

MCU 8/80-28-MCP module is designed to serve as a hub between attached peripherals and an external controller,
or as a standalone controller.

This module detects, scans, reads and writes its attached peripherals and can provide a central point for accessing
data and controlling many peripherals. It is equiped with a 32 hHz RTC for real time applications and 8 MHz crystal
for CPU. Its real time clock enables time-stamp or programmed events. It can enter sleep mode for reduced power
consumption when operated on battery.

Documentation Software and Downloads

This MCU module is delivered with the open-source demo firmware.
Source code is available from Github:

Firmware MCU8-80-28-MCP_microcontroller

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MCU8/80-28-MCP module 8 bits 8 MHz 28 pins microcrocontroller

  • 20.40€

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